Born in Paris on July 03rd, 1944
    Masseur-Physiotherapist and Osteopath

    1967 Obtain the Masseur-physiotherapist degree - Hôpital Necker in Paris.
    1967 - 1984 PhD Degree in Osteopathy done in a work/study training program and simultaneously learning medical

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  2. Prof. Lee Min Sun

    Who is Prof. Lee Min Sun

    One of the leading experts in Kinesiology Taping Therapy and Chiropractic.

    He also has several publications on the potential of Kinesiology Taping Therapy in everyday life and of course in sports. Let us leave it to be his curriculum vitae

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  3. Prof. Felipe Medina

    Prof. Luis Felipe Medina Cabezas has studied at the University of Costa Rica, Universidad Autónoma de Centroamérica, Universidad Santa Paula and Universidad Católica de Valencia San Vicente Mártir. He is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and holds a Master's Degree in Palliative Care and

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  4. Prof. Ron O'Neil

    Ron is a graduate of Ball State University and has been a certified athletic trainer for 32 years. In 1996 he was presented the NATA 25 Year Award.

    Ron's career started as assistant athletic trainer at Northwestern University where he served 4 years before moving to the NFL. His tenure in

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  5. Angelo Cavalli


    High School of Industrial Chemistry




    Colorado Spring

    University of Sports Medicine

    Lyon shoulder rehabilitation center

    Various Conferences Rome, Sidney,

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