1. NEW Medisport service center in Serbia

    We organized the new service department in Serbia in collaboration with our partner Medisport Serbia. An important milestone for Medisport Serbia, a historical collaboration with 11 years of working together. Growth continues year after year.

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    Cryoultrasound™ is an electromedical based on the synergy between ultrasound and cryotherapy. The combined action of these two technologies has a profound analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. Various scientific researches have been published which testify to its efficacy in the treatment of muscle i

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  3. DEEP OSCILLATION increases tendon flexibility

    DEEP OSCILLATION increases tendon flexibility

    A new study on the Deep Oscillation electromedical, distributed by Medisport for Italy, has shown that it significantly increases the flexibility of the hamstrings. The research was carried out on subjects who practice competitive sports.

    The research showed a significant positive correlation

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