1. Medisport official Kysio distributor

    Kysio, the "interactive espalier", is a device that allows you to perform progressive resistance work, programmed and controlled thanks to its sensor and biofeedback systems. It offers the possibility of performing joint recovery and muscle strengthening work independently, quantified and reproducible

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  2. Deep Oscillation in Covid-19 rehabilitation

    Deep Oscillation in Covid-19 rehabilitation

    Deep Oscillation has been used with excellent results as a rehabilitative therapeutic treatment in patients who contracted the Covid-19 virus as testified by the German Klinik Havelhöhe hospital. COVID-19 patients can often develop pulmonary edema or pulmonary tissue fibrosis as a complication. In

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  3. The new Medisport hygiene line

    The new Medisport hygiene line

    We are pleased to present a new range of products with sanitizing and antibacterial action certified as a Medical Surgical Unit to reduce the risk of spreading viruses, spores and bacteria. The Medisport Hygiene Line provides antibacterial hand gels with dispensers, specific sanitizers for cleaning

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  4. Professional infrared thermometer

    Professional infrared thermometer

    The new professional infrared thermometer is available in our store. Allows temperature measurement at a safe distance and has an immediate response time. In case of detection of high temperature (from 37.5 ° upwards) it emits an audible alarm.

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  5. Personal protective equipment

    Personal protective equipment

    Let's start safely! We have all the personal protective equipment available to allow you to regain the care of your patients: Surgical masks - Ffp2 masks - Latex gloves - Protective masks - Protective suits - Socks - Antibacterial gel - Dispenser for hand sanitizing - Infrared thermometer.

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  6. NEW Medisport service center in Serbia

    We organized the new service department in Serbia in collaboration with our partner Medisport Serbia. An important milestone for Medisport Serbia, a historical collaboration with 11 years of working together. Growth continues year after year.

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    Cryoultrasound™ is an electromedical based on the synergy between ultrasound and cryotherapy. The combined action of these two technologies has a profound analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. Various scientific researches have been published which testify to its efficacy in the treatment of muscle i

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  8. DEEP OSCILLATION increases tendon flexibility

    DEEP OSCILLATION increases tendon flexibility

    A new study on the Deep Oscillation electromedical, distributed by Medisport for Italy, has shown that it significantly increases the flexibility of the hamstrings. The research was carried out on subjects who practice competitive sports.

    The research showed a significant positive correlation

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