Below are all the payment types supported, if you need clarifications, do not hesitate to contact us


Paypal is a "safe" payment circuit as the transactions, in addition to offering maximum security, are reimbursed in the event of faulty goods, damaged, non-receipt (see the payment conditions on the PayPal site).
After having After entering the order data and selecting the PayPal payment method, the Customer is redirected to the PayPal site to make the transaction. If the payment on the PayPal circuit is successful, the Customer is reported on the Medisport website. The notification of the Customer's payment to the Medisport site takes place automatically from the PayPal site, therefore, if the payment has been successful, the order is already set for processing.
For security reasons, PayPal requires that the shipping address be made at the same address used when registering with PayPal. Therefore, if an address other than that known to PayPal was entered in the order, the payment could be refused.

Credit cards

Setefi is a company specializing in payments with electronic money for all banks of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group.
MonetaWeb 2.0 is a platform created by Setefi for electronic payment and offers a fast, convenient and secure service thanks to the respect of the security standards defined by the international circuits.
Through this tool the Customer can make payments by Card of Credit. Payments in total security are accepted from the following circuits: Moneta, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners and JCB.
When the Customer finishes entering the order data and selects Setefi mode - MonetaWeb 2.0 is redirected to the site MonetaOnline to proceed with the payment. On the MonetaWeb platform the Customer must enter the data of his / her Credit Card. If the payment is successful, the Customer is reported on the Medisport website.

Cash on delivery

The cash payment is made directly to the courier who brings the package to your home. In order to facilitate the operations, the payment must be made in cash (banknotes and / or coins) and, preferably, having the exact amount available as the courier may not be provided with change.
According to current regulations the maximum limit payable on delivery is € 2,999.00. Orders with higher amounts need other forms of payment. Payment by check (circular or bank) is not allowed.
Medisport reserves the right to contact the customer by telephone to verify the information provided during the order and / or to confirm the order. If the customer is in dispute with Medisport or if the customer had rejected a previous shipment by Medisport, the latter reserves the right not to proceed with the completion of the order (the order is canceled).

Bank transfer

Payment by bank transfer must be made no later than 5 working days after the order is sent. Once this time limit is exceeded, the order will be canceled and the customer will have to proceed with a new order.
The transfer must be made to:

Beneficiary : Medisport S.r.l.
Bank : Banca di Credito Cooperativo del Circeo e Privernate
IBAN : IT61F0701714700000000040211
Causal : Order number - Order date - Ordering
(ex: "Order 34125357 - 01/01/2019 - Mario Rossi")

In order to facilitate the administrative procedures for managing and processing the order, we invite the Customer to send the electronic receipt of the payment by email to The shipment of the goods will not take place until receipt of the transfer to the balance of order placed, therefore shipping times will generally be longer than other payment methods.