Imoove 600

Imoove is an electro-medical based on the Ellisferic movement that acts effectively on the whole body in a global, vertical, dynamic, functional and in 3 dimensions way.

Imoove has a wide spectrum of functional rehabilitative applications and represents the greatest evolution in the rehabilitation field as its exclusive Ellisferic movement (natural movement of the body of spiral rotation) stimulates a deep proprioception and restores the muscular and postural balance of the body.

Functional exercises with Imoove exploit the instability of the platform and, thanks to the stimulation of all the biomechanical and proprioceptive adaptation functions, they train the motor and postural control of the body and promote joint elasticity.

Imoove allows to treat a vast number of osteo-muscular pathologies in a functional and dynamic way, introducing a new approach to rehabilitation. It is a rehabilitation tool based on the use, control, rehabilitation and optimization of the body's natural spiraling movements. A rehabilitation performed in total safety with speed and amplitude adjustable according to therapeutic needs.

Imoove activates the compensation strategy of the body, helps the reproduction of the athletic gesture excluding pain as the traumatized part is integrated into the overall movement of the body and is not directly solicited. Imoove allows to carry out a complete, deep and effective action on the whole body, restoring all the parameters of complex movements of all joints.

The Ellisferic movement is a true world innovation: at slow speed, moderate intensity, the professional analyzes the posture in a functional situation, working vertically and safely. Thanks to its integrated evaluation programs, Imoove allows the dynamic analysis of biomechanical dysfunctions of the body and proposes functional and effective exercises.

Imoove integrates a set of variable programs that allow to accurately face all the traumatologies and the dysfunctions of the body. The large color touch screen facilitates intuitive and simple use and at the same time fun for the user.

Imoove is a silent machine with an elegant and original design that adapts to all environments. Its ergonomic and welcoming shape accompanies your movements in absolute safety and comfort. The platform tilts to ground level and is accessible to patients with reduced mobility. Its arms wrap around and put the user in a safe condition

Technical caracteristics

  • Dimensions: 223x125x174 cm
  • Usable area: 2.55 m2
  • Empty weight: 150 kg
  • Screen: 10.4 "TFT-LCD Touch Screen
  • Medical CE Device

Scientific Research