Medislipper 1000 Active/Passive is a unique machine of its kind, specific for ankle rehabilitation. An electromedical device that allows both active and passive functional recovery of the articular range: this occurs through a circling movement that can be activated by the patient, or passively by the machine through a specific electronic function.


Medislipper 1000 Active/Passive is equipped with force and angular speed sensors to monitor and manage therapy at its best.


Medislipper 1000 Active/Passive is ideal as an auxiliary means in physical therapy of reinforcement and post-traumatic ankle training, and in particular in the case of:


  • Distortion trauma with capsuloligamentous involvement
  • Joint bruises
  • Muscle distractions
  • Fractures



The fundamental characteristic of Medislipper 1000 is the possibility of stimulating the mechanoreceptors and the proprioceptors, determining a rapid muscle activation in all circumstances and acting on the articular excursion and on the speed of movement.


In this way it acts directly on the complex movements of the ankle and allows an ACTIVE or PASSIVE functional recovery of the complete articular range.


Summary of features:

  • 10 different types of movements
  • 2 modes: active and passive
  • Electronic console with digital display
  • Manual or automatic movement through the new electric motor
  • Graduated limiters for adjusting the amplitude of the movement and the arc of rotation
  • Adjustable clutch to set the intensity of the effort
  • Housing of the foot and thigh covered in fabric

Technical caracteristics


  • Console that collects the commands to set the patient's movement
  • Emergency button
  • Housing of the foot and thigh covered in fabric
  • Power supply: 220/230 V ~ 50/60 Hz
  • Max absorbed power: 150 Watts
  • EMI directive: EN 60601-1-2
  • Maximum user weight: 110 kg


Scientific Research