The NESA X-SIGNAL system is based on a technology that restores the cellular bioelectric charge and re-establishes the balance of the autonomic nervous system to relieve chronic/neuropathic pain, improve sleep quality, and reduce stress and anxiety.

The neurostimulation treatment is carried out using a symmetrical biphasic galvanic current with a low wave frequency (2-14Mhz), which is totally imperceptible and acts at cellular level. The application is carried out by means of 2 gloves and 2 anklets containing contact electrodes.

The NESA X-SIGNAL system works by modulating the autonomic nervous system, which has a positive effect on the whole body. The duration of this treatment is between 30 and 60 minutes per session.

Each person needs a specific number of sessions to improve their symptoms, generally 10 to 15 sessions are carried out. The process of readjustment of the autonomic nervous system is implicitly linked to improvement and healing by improving cortisol levels, thus decreasing muscular and chronic fatigue.


Specifically, the NESA X-SIGNAL system:

- Accelerates recovery: improves the functioning of the nervous system and optimises recovery from injuries.

- Reduces fatigue: increases energy and vitality over a longer period of time.

- Reduces pain: relieves discomfort in a non-invasive way.

- Improves sleep quality by making it deeper and more restorative.

Technical caracteristics

Technical features

- Preset and customisable protocols stored on the device

- Self-adjusting 3V/6V voltage

- Automatic frequency management

- Pulse directional cable

- Output frequency 1.12 - 14.28 hz

- 4 emitting electrodes with 24 sub-electrodes, 6 per limb

Scientific Research