An innovative medical device based on the combined action of negative pressure and high-frequency mechanical vibration to improve lymphatic flow in the treated area making rehabilitation therapy faster and more efficient.

LymphaTouch is a valid therapeutic solution for the treatment of acute trauma such as ankle sprains, contusion trauma, hematomas and tendon pathologies. Treatment reduces swelling and pain efficiently and can shorten recovery time from an injury.


LymphaTouch, thanks to the combination of negative pressure and high frequency mechanical vibration, determines:


- an expansion of the interstitial spaces, with consequent elongation of the anchoring filaments of the lymphatic capillaries and expansion of the endothelial openings of the capillaries themselves, aimed at increasing lymphatic motility and tissue drainage;


- a mechanical deformation of the connective bands, due to the traction effect, capable of causing elasticization of the collagen and connective fibers in conditions of retraction and thickening.


LymphaTouch is indicated for the treatment of:


  • pre and post operative swelling
  • scars,
  • lymphedema
  • acute injuries
  • fascial restrictions
  • muscle recovery treatments
  • pain management and joint function


Technical caracteristics

  • Adjustable pulse and pressure control
  • High frequency mechanical vibration
  • Ergonomic and versatile treatment handle
  • Daily battery life
  • Next generation touch user interface

Scientific Research