Zt Cube


ZT Cube is a non-invasive therapeutic method based on temperature-controlled thermal shock that allows rapid muscle recovery and post-traumatic recovery.


ZT Cube doesn't require ice to work, has an operating temperature from 0 ° to + 40 ° and can treat 2 limbs simultaneously.

ZT Cube, thanks to the temperature control, allows to speed up the recovery times as the treatments can be customized for the various rehabilitation phases: acute and sub-acute.


The benefits of ZT Cube therapy:


  • Analgesic Action
  • Inhibitory action on trigger points
  • Microcirculation increase
  • Effective vascular gymnastics
  • Facilitation of muscle recruitment
  • Stiffness reduction
  • Recovery
  • Increased local blood flow

Why choose ZT Cube:
- Ice or water is not necessary, just an electrical outlet
- Wide temperature range
- Unlimited use time
- Precise and constant temperature
- Possibility to apply different temperatures during the treatment
- Possibility to adapt the temperature according to the patient's sensitivity

The anatomical bands for ZT Cube therapy:

- Cold or heat is conveyed through insulated pipes and wraparound thermo-bands that can be fixed on the patient with Velcro strips.
- The anatomical bands remain soft in any condition and can be easily adapted to the part to be treated.
- The ZT system offers a complete range of specific bands for each part of the body.

Technical caracteristics

  • Cooling in 20 minutes
  • Temperature from 0 ° to + 40 °
  • Management of 2 arts simultaneously
  • Medical device
  • Cooling system without water or ice
  • Controlled temperature management
  • Touch display with multilingual interface