Zt Cube


ZT Cube is a non-invasive and non-aggressive therapeutic method that allows rapid recovery. The characteristic of ZT Cube is the controlled and timed use of cryotherapy and thermotherapy.


ZT Cube, thanks to temperature control and thermal shock, speeds up recovery times as treatments can be customized for the various rehabilitation phases: acute and sub-acute.


The benefits of Cold / Hot and Hot / Cold therapy generated by ZT Cube are many:


  • Analgesic Action
  • Inhibitory action on trigger points
  • Microcirculation increase
  • Effective vascular gymnastics
  • Facilitation of muscle recruitment
  • Stiffness reduction;
  • Recovery
  • Increased local blood flow

Technical caracteristics

  • Cooling in 20 minutes
  • Temperature from 0 ° to + 40 °
  • Management of 2 arts simultaneously
  • Medical device
  • Cooling system without water or ice
  • Controlled temperature management
  • Touch display with multilingual interface