Medi Laser 15 ED

Medi Laser 15 ED "Energetic Diffusion" is a high power laser therapy device based on the most modern and advanced semiconductor technology. It has a maximum average power of 15W and a greater amplitude than continuous and pulsed lasers since acting with two different wavelengths, 75% - 1064 Nm cicatrizant and 25% - 810 Nm biostimulant, guarantees greater therapeutic efficacy.


Medi Laser 15 ED has a greater amplitude than the other continuous and pulsed lasers, this because a double wavelength guarantees a greater therapeutic efficacy. The two lengths are also used in a single emission and with 7 emission modes: Continuous, Single Impulse, Pulsed, Burst, Anti-inflammatory, Stochastic and Customized, thus making the therapy customizable according to the patient's clinical conditions.


Medi Laser 15 ED "Energetic Diffusion" can also boast a high level of safety thanks to the temperature control, and to an additional safety system on the laser head, so that it can always verify correct operation.


Medi Laser 15 ED has an interactive software and a touch screen display that make it easy and intuitive to set therapy and emission modes.


The innovations introduced allow to choose between 7 emission modes, each different for the benefits and characteristics of the laser pulse, guaranteeing optimal therapeutic effects:


Muscle and joint analgesic effect thanks to energy modulation

Anti-inflammatory effect thanks to deep biological tissue stimulation, with vasodilation, increased oxygen supply and activation of the main metabolic activities.

Biostimulant effect thanks to the facilitation of cellular energy processes, increasing tissue remodeling through the stimulation of collagen production.


Medi Laser 15 ED provides a Pathology Library with the relative interactive protocols divided by acute and chronic phase. The software also offers the security of immediate graphical feedback, which displays power, time and actual delivery of the device.

Technical caracteristics

  • Maximum average power: 15 Watts

  • Wavelength: 810/1064 Nm

  • Safety class: 1 Type BF

  • Laser class: IV

  • Dimensions: Cm 35x35x13

  • Weight: 4.8 kg

  • CE 0068


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