Medi Pharon 5

Medi Pharon 5 is an electromedical device for capacitive and resistive diathermy with latest generation features: Single handpiece for both capacitive and resistive treatment, Automatic pulsed mode on all 4 frequencies (2 capacitive and 2 resistive), Transdermal delivery function, Monitoring of energy transmitted during treatment.


Medi Pharon 5 is effective in speeding up the recovery of most physiotherapeutic problems: sprains, muscle sprains, tendinitis, osteo-articular distractions, and in general all traumas and pathologies of osteo-articular and muscular origin, both acute and chronic.


Medi Pharon 5 technology is based on diathermy that generate a profound thermal effect in the muscular and osteo-articular apparatus: endogenous heat is induced by the passage of energy from the handpiece to the special neutral plate, in an absolutely safe and non-invasive way.


The increase in temperature stimulates the lymphatic system and reactivates the blood microcirculation, accelerating the natural repair processes of damaged tissues. The energy transmitted in the treated area generates a variation of the electrical impedance, which lasts even after the end of the treatment, thus allowing the correct and continuous oxygenation of the tissues.


Diathermy also has a profound anti-edema and analgesic effect, as well as thermal: it therefore reduces pain, hematomas and edema, helping to achieve healing goals more quickly and effectively than traditional methods.


The advantages of Medi Pharon 5


4 energy transfer frequencies

- 2 frequencies for resistive mode application

- 2 frequencies for application in capacitive mode


Single handpiece in uncoated steel with bayonet connection

The change of resistive or capacitive mode is carried out by command on the display.


Measurement of the amount of energy transferred

A graphic on the display shows the energy actually transmitted to the treated district in relation to the time and the power supplied


Transdermal delivery

Adding an active ingredient to the cream during the treatment it is possible to convey its benefits in depth, obtaining a greater absorption of the active ingredient.


Automatic mode on 4 frequencies

A cable equipped with adhesive electrodes replicates the movement of the manual application through a cyclical energization of the electrodes, releasing the therapist from the execution of the treatment.

Technical caracteristics

  • Display: touch screen

  • Mode: Resistive, capacitive and sequential

  • Safety class: 1 type BF

  • Weight: 3.7 kgs

  • Measurements: 37X37X13 cm

  • Power: 120 W effective

  • Working frequency: from 384 kHz to 708 Hz