Cryoultrasound™ Equine


Cryoultrasound ™ treatments accelerate the healing process by interrupting the "pain - spasm - inactivity" cycle. The synergy between Ultrasound and Cryotherapy, in fact, enhances the therapeutic effects of the treatments allowing a faster recovery.


The combined use of ultrasound and cryotherapy determines mechanical, thermal and biological effects favoring:


  • The reduction of pain and inflammation
  • Improvement of blood flow and microcirculation
  • Increased turnover and cellular metabolism
  • Reduction of fluid retention
  • Increased production of collagen and proteoglycans

The result is a fast and effective functional recovery, even in the case of acute or chronic diseases. It is particularly indicated in the field of sports traumatology, orthopedic traumatology and rheumatology. In fact Cryoultrasound ™ is effective for the rehabilitation of:


  • blunt traumas
  • muscle elongations
  • muscular distractions of any degree
  • tendinitis and tendinosis

Technical caracteristics

  • Maximum output ultrasound power: 3 Watt x cmq
  • Frequency: 1 MHz +/- 5%
  • Safety class: 1 type BF
  • Cryotherapy: adjustable up to -10° C
  • Weight: 30 kgs
  • Measurements: 66x38x93 cm

Scientific Research

Use of the combination of cryotherapy and ultrasound in the treatment of horse injuries