Deep Oscillation Personal MediAesthetic


Deep Oscillation generates oscillations that act on the cellular regeneration of the skin. Thanks to the use of electrostatic forces of attraction and release of the skin, it stimulates the production of collagen, regenerates cells and gives the skin a smooth, elastic and wrinkle-free appearance.

Deep Oscillation Personal is small in size, works with rechargeable batteries and is very practical both at home and outside. It is equipped with a card that contains the pre-set treatment parameters, a large display and a single knob.

The pulses of this electro-medical generate oscillations that act in depth on all the parts of the treated tissue.

Deep Oscillation includes cards with pre-set beauty treatments and it is also possible to create personalized ones.

Deep Oscillation is indicated for:

  • Anti-age treatment for face and neck
  • Post plastic surgery
  • Pre plastic surgery therapy
  • Cellulite treatment
  • Lymphedema fibrosis

Technical caracteristics

  • Deep one-channel oscillation
  • Frequency range from 5-250 Hz
  • Contact elements made of biocompatible titanium
  • Special hand applicators of different sizes for all-over and local treatment
  • Easily interchangeable treatment heads guarantee hygienic application
  • Special gloves for direct treatment