The air mattress for stretching the spine and relaxing the spinal muscles.

5 air chambers (cervical, shoulders, thorax, back, pelvis) extend sequentially on each point of the spine (cervical, shoulders, chest, back, pelvis) relaxing the spinal muscles. The back is raised up to 14.5cm and held in place by repeatedly lifting and stopping the spinal line using natural air pressure.

Spine Stretching Mat is based on precise physiotherapy protocols illustrated in a special user manual with directions for use to be followed for complete relaxation of the spine.

Spine Stretching Mat is a mat developed to allow complete stretching of the spine, designed for both professional and home use.

Using a system of different alternating and synchronized air chambers, the mattress gently extends the spine from the sacrum to the cervical vertebrae, relaxing the back muscles and improving posture and the overall balance of the body.

With 5 sections that inflate and deflate with different sequences and durations, it creates a pushing and stretching effect on the vertebrae, thus releasing the tension between the intervertebral discs and reducing the pressure on the spine.

The spinal column is part of the complex central nervous system and therefore our mental "conditions" also depend on it. Spinal stress-related pain affects about 80% of the world population. A few minutes of stretching the spine during the week can positively affect one's psycho-physical well-being.

Technical caracteristics

Voltage: 100-240 ac 4a, 50 / 60hz, 50w

Pressure range: 20-520 mmhg Timer: 15/30 min

Weight: 2.95 kg (mattress) + 1.29 kg (compressor)

Dimensions: 635mm x 1000mm (mattress) 100mm x 215mm x 215mm (compressor)