Microcirc effective in the treatment of hyperplasia

A pilot study conducted by the Department of Experimental Medicine of the University "La Sapienza" of Rome has shown that the use of MAGCELL® MICROCIRC, in the short term, has brought significantly positive results in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Treatment (2 x 5 min. Per day) resulted in a significant reduction in prostate volume after only 28 days of therapy (V1) compared to the start of treatment (V0). The sustainability of the therapy effect is demonstrated by the fact that after only 4 months (V2) a significant reduction in the volume of the prostate gland was observed compared to the start of treatment (V0). Also in the quality of life survey (IPSS questionnaire: urination / quality of life), significantly better results were achieved at both times (V1 and V2) compared to V0. Overall, there was rapid improvement in symptoms with no changes in gonadal hormones or sexual function, with high compliance and no side effects. The best results were obtained in patients with moderate to severe symptoms (LUTS) and patients without metabolic syndrome (MetS).