Magcell Microcirc - Electrotherapy 2.0

Magcell Microcirc is a magnetotherapy device with high power pulsed magnetic fields with specific selective frequency ranges to promote blood circulation to the arteries. It can relieve symptoms of neurotoxicity such as sensory ataxia, neuropathy and symptoms of neuropathic pain on the hands and feet following chemotherapy treatments.

Magcell Microcirc features high strength permanent magnets mounted in a special arrangement on a disc which are controlled by microchips. During operation, a strong pulsating electromagnetic field (PEMF) of approximately 100 mT is generated with a selective frequency range. The frequencies used favor the regeneration processes in damaged tissues, even at a depth of 3-5 cm. Magcell Microcirc significantly increases microcirculation and is recommended for use in clinical situations where an improvement in microcirculation is required, such as in the case of chronic tissue repair.

Magcell Microcirc is battery powered allowing the execution of short and repeatable therapeutic programs several times a day. It works automatically: once activated via the appropriate start button, it switches off by itself at the end of the therapy cycle.