A line of products and tools for the sports and rehabilitation medicine sector.

Medisport electromedical equipment and products promote rapid recovery from injuries and injuries, also improving sports performance.

Medisport electromedical devices are safe and non-invasive, based on the latest technology with proven scientific efficacy derived from collaboration with important Italian universities.

Medisport also offers a wide range of products such as massage creams and oils, technical products, kinesiology tape, cohesive bandages and adhesives, Taping System, products for first aid, beds for physiotherapy and much more.




Medisport's experience in the medical and physiotherapy field has made it possible to design a range of electromedical instruments to meet the diverse needs of professionals in the physiotherapy sector. Medisport offers unique equipment of its kind, technically advanced and entirely produced in Italy.




Medisport organizes 2-day training courses for rehabilitation professionals, physiotherapists, masseurs, athletic trainers and osteopaths.
The courses are held throughout Italy with the support of expert teachers. They take place mainly during the weekend and consist of two sessions: theoretical and practical.
Participants are supported for the entire duration of the course by highly qualified personnel.